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Renewing the sportscar circuit racing in Czech republic

Because of exclusion of the sportscars from international endurance championship in Czech republic, we try to make more publicity to sportscars racing, so we have our own unofficial Proto-Cup which is decided to czech sportscars drivers. It is only activition of web site The main object this year is to make nice Sportscar festival meeting on 16.10.2004 at autodrom Most.

The history of sportscar racing in Czech republic is more rich then known. The beginnigs (after war) of sportscar racing can be found in 50's. The renaissance came in 70's, with factory cars from Skoda Mlada Boleslav and MTX Plzen. The end of 70's was the top of circuit sportscar racing in the earlier CSSR. Since 1978-1980 group 6 cars had their own national championship (for more details see Now in 2004 we will meet most of all czech sportscars ever made in the past together with modern prototypes like Osella, Lucchini or PRC in circuit again! The meeting will be in Autodram Most 16.10. and we will meet here also legends of czech sportscars pilots like Miroslav Adamek (Interserie - March HSS Can-Am, March F1 Ford Can-Am, Williams F1 Can-Am, Argo JM19C.., World Endurance Championship - Gebhardt C2), Karel Jilek (factory MTX pilot in 70's and 80's) together with Otakar Kramsky (3 times European Hillclimb champion) and many other pilots.

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Sportscar festival meeting Most - Entrylist incl. photos !!!
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